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About Holocene Articles

Two Holocene Series. You'll find two cross-linked websites here. One (Histories) contains articles of interest about history, science, and the like. The Holocene Epoch is the geological time period in which we and our world currently exist. It began roughly 8,000 years ago with the end of the last major glaciation (Paleolithic). Despite the title, our topics will likely explore far greater time spans.

Holocene Histories (The Reading Room) The author has published articles on many subjects that interest him in history, science, or more down to earth topics like baking a good bread or pizza. The Reading Room topics are not meant to solve ancient mysteries, but simply to regale readers with fascinating topics.

Holocene Mysteries (SHIPS) The acronym SHIPS refers to the expression Secrets Hidden In Plain Sight. These are special topics (e.g., the Sator Rebus) that have baffled historians for many years. Now there is a plausible solution. The author proposes each as a Gedankenexperiment (thought experiment) and leaves it at that.

About The Author

John T. CullenJohn T. Cullen (BA, BBA, MSBA) is a professional writer (journalist, essayist, novelist, poet) and editor. He has authored and published over forty books (fiction and nonfiction). BA in English (University of Connecticut); BBA, MSBA (Boston University). The author is a U.S. Army veteran and an Army brat, born in West Germany where his father was stationed in Nürnberg and married to a Luxembourg woman. Author grew up in Connecticut (BA in English, UConn) where he worked as a summer interne newspaper reporter at a major New Haven newspaper. He was a published poet by age 18, and finished his first novel while still a teenager.

In his wild years he was a starving artist in New Haven, hitch-hiked all over the United States, and settled in San Diego, California. From here, he enlisted, spent five years stationed in the heart of Europe (four hours by train or orange VW van from Paris), and completed his MS in Business Administration through the Overseas Division of BU. In later years, he acquired additional citizenship in Luxembourg, and thus is a citizen of the European Union as well. He became a U.S. citizen at birth. He is fluent in English, German, and Luxemburgish, and studied Classics (Latin, some Greek) in school. He can say a few words in French, Spanish, and half a dozen other languages. He has lived and worked (not as a tourist) in at least three European countries, in addition to having traveled a lot, all of which provides excellent grist for the writing mill.

Returning to San Diego, he completed a second bachelor's in Computer Information Systems and Accounting while working as a technical writer and professional editor at various aerospace and computer information systems firms. He has written over 40 books (fiction and nonfiction). His main site is His real (Luxembourgeois) name is Jean-Thomas Cullen, but it's easier in the North America (except blessed Quebec!) to go by John T. Cullen. He has written a lot of SF and other genre fiction under the pseudonym John Argo. Argo was the magic vessel in ancient Aegean mythology whereby Jason and the Argonauts (Argo-Sailors) journeyed in search of wonder. It seemed a fitting name to use during the early days of the Internet, where the author was publishing online as early as 1996. More info at including the Museum site.